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The very first in DVD format on the internet, an in depth instructional dvd on the art of hatmaking. An opportunity to learn all the secret techniques of hatmaking from a designer of 25 years. When I began my hat making adventure many years ago, I yearned for someone who could teach me the techniques and secrets of the wonderful milliners in the distant past. Having seen wonderful examples of their expert couture skills in museums and antique shops and shows, I was smitten. I proceeded to learn their skills on the good ole "trial and error" method. Your learning curve will not be nearly so extensive. My goal on these DVDs is to be the mentor for you, that I could not find and that I wanted so dearly in the past. To show you the way to become expert in your hat making skills. And then the sky is the limit. View my movie below, for sample of DVD instructions.

Disk 1: Covers making straw hats. Setting up a workroom, gathering millinery supplies and equipment, blocking straw bodies and hoods, constructing straw hats and trimming them out.

Disk 2: Covers felt hat making. Blocking and constructing felt hats, Cut ,bound and wired edge brim treatment techniques, feather work, and trimming felt.

Disk 3: Covers, making ultrasuede sweatbands, making bias trims and ribbons,taming that pesky millinery wire and there is an enclosed source guide to "all things millinery".

$75.00 For 3 Disc Set