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Hat Couture

by Pamela Wright
photos by Maggie West

There is nothing old-fashioned about designer Davyne Dial. Her handmade hats, however, truly capture the lure and glamour of women’s fashions from days gone by. From her North Asheville home studio, Davyne (Day-veen) creates what she calls “wearable sculptures.” Designers of upscale ladies’ hats were first termed milliners after “Milaners” because the residents of Milan, Italy were famous for their hat-making skills. Dial is a self-taught artist of millinery at a time when most American hats are cranked out by machines in Asia. And while the glory of the milliner’s craft is fading in this era of mass-production, Dial draws on modern trends to keep women who wear her hats feeling like the belle of the ball—even if they’re only at Bele Chere.

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 I was the girl in grade school who decorated the valentine boxes and painted the Christmas scenes on the windows. I have always been smitten with anything of beauty and style. My  best girlfriend and I spent our weekends drawing and dreaming of being designers when we grew up. She went on to be a farmers wife and I evolved into a milliner. In my studio I am surrounded with beautiful fabrics, ribbons, laces, exquisite millinery flowers and trims and a growing collection of vintage millinery tools. I am the fortunate one!

I'm aware that many of you are searching for special millinery designs that are extremely hard to find. If you are a lover of fine handmade millinery, you are probably weary of the mass produced hats available today in even the finest department stores and hat shops. A hat lover wants hats that evoke romance, style and panache, but the hat must also be practical and comfortable to wear. Feedback from customers and shops I sell to confirm that my hats offer this reasonable demand. My appreciation of the skill and artistry that went into the millinery art has led to the development of my line. I love to work in a field that provides challenge, both artistic and professional, and millinery offers this realm.

I have studied from old books and traveled far and wide, in search of inspiration. From antique shows in Atlanta and through out the South to tiny shops in New York and Paris, I've searched for examples of the finest millinery designs done many years ago. Hats created with style and flair, before the hat industry was taken over by the mass producers. I've drawn heavily on those treasures from milliners of the past to create my line of very handmade millinery.

All my designs are handmade in my studio, My straw and felt pages have links to articles on how fine straw and felt has been manufactured for centuries. The straws are hand dyed using colors that I develop through much experimentation. The silk roses are hand made starting with white silks in chiffon, satin or organza that I dye and fabricate into my exceptional roses. There is nothing more thrilling than to work with wonderful colors, fine textiles, soft silk ribbons, and vintage trims, turning these textiles, straws and other treasures into beautiful designs. Thank you for appreciating and supporting my work.

Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University in New Orleans, La./ Corcoran School of Art Washington, D. C. Ongoing private studies with various professional artist at Penland, N.C. Professional designer since 1982. 




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