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What's the difference between handmade hats and those found at TJ Max?

Most people are well aware of the term handmade or even hand-woven, however hand blocked may be an arcane term many. Hand blocked when referring to hats is the key to a fine hat. I'm sure you've put on an inexpensive machine hat and felt it looked unyielding and unflattering; maybe like a helmut, because the hat was stiff with heavy sizing. This is because the basic material the hat is made of will not hold it's shape due to the cheapness of the materials used. A hand blocked hat, made from finely woven straw or quality felt will adjust and conform to the wearers head., and thus each woman looks unique in a fine hat. Many may remember years ago, wonderful afternoons spent trying on hats at a milliners shop or in some fine old store's millinery department. What fun we had seeing how great a hat looked on our heads and each persons unique charm was revealed. My hats are made in the hand blocked method of couture milliners of the past. As the distinct look of fine millinery becomes more known to the everyday person, a standard emerges that separates the fine handmade hat from the mass produced hats available in most major stores. Much the same way a cashmere shawl speaks volumes over the appearance of an army blanket,while they both will keep one warm, the cashmere says much about the taste and sensibilities of the wearer. The smae is true of hats.


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